Leonardo de Pisa

by Doreen Sandor




Who started it?

Leonardo of Pisa (c. 1170 1250), was an Italian mathematician   who was born in Pisa, Italy.    Find Pisa, Italy using Google Earth and explore Pisa and Italy.   For example, what countries border Italy?  Is Pisa is port city or a mountain city?     Support your responses. 

Pisa, Italy Research Task:

On an index card, please list on three (3) things that you have learned about Pisa, Italy and to list one (1) thing that you would still like to learn.    

Post your  notes on the Fibonacci Blog.  Share your observations with your classmates.   For example, What do you think life is like in Pisa, Italy?   What do you think life was like in Pisa during Leonardo's lifetime?     Then respond to at least three (3) fellow classmates' postings, using Grade 4 ELA standards.   

Due Date: Tomorrow a.m.  

 Leonardo was also known as Leonardo Pisano and Leonardo Fibonacci.     In addition to being famous for the Fibonacci sequence, he also published a book called Liber Abaci, or Book of Calculation.   His book, Liber Abaci, or Book of Calculation,  describes the rules we all now learn in elementary school for adding numbers, subtracting,  multiplying and dividing.
He was one of the first people to introduce the Hindu-Arabic number system into Europe.  This is based on ten digits with its decimal point and a symbol for zero.  

Leonardo posed the problem of  "How Many Pairs of Rabbits
Are Created by One Pair in One Year?" in his Book of Calculation.   Although he is known as the creator of the Fibonacci Sequence, he most likely included this problem that had already been developed by Indian scholars.  In his book he says that he included the information to "make their use more commonly understood in his native Italy."  
(Source: http://www.mcs.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/R.Knott/Fibonacci/fibBio.html#fibfirst)
The French mathematician Edouard Lucas (1842-1891) gave the name Fibonacci numbers to the series. 

Click here to learn about the Rabbit Puzzle that Leonardo included in his book.